What Our Customers Say

Love Rocket Deliveries and Green Earth Organics

“I can get organic vegetables delivered to the door.  No awful plastic packaging to feel guilty about or dispose – just reusable cardboard.  And the taste – just amazing!”

Anna McQuinn.

Fantastic range of organic fresh food with no plastic packaging

“We look forward to our fresh seasonal, organic veg in its box which you just fold down after use & Kim collects it at the next delivery to be reused.  It focuses your meal planning, and gets you motivated to eat more healthily. Right to your door! You can add or change what’s inside easily with a call or email. Magic Rocket is what I’d call it!’

Alice Dennehy.

The quality of everything I bought is excellent

“I love getting a variety of fruit and veg delivered to my door knowing I’m supporting an Irish organic grower and local business.  Not having to get rid of plastic packaging afterwards is a huge plus for me too.  As is the fact that I simply eat more fruit and veg when it’s there waiting to be eaten.  I’m much healthier since I started ordering from Rocket Deliveries!  Thank you Kim for all your work.

Louise Weinzweig.


It’s so convenient having the delivery to the door each week

  “Signing up for Rocket Deliveries was probably the best decision I made for my household last year.  It’s so convenient having the delivery to the door each week.  I always have fresh fruit and vegetables to hand.  The quality, taste and variety is brilliant.  It’s great having seasonal produce – keeps the variety up & I am not relying on the same thing every week.  I find I go to get new recipes for the produce I have too which makes meal times more interesting!  Also have a great mix for making up baby food for small man every week.  Cannot recommend highly enough.  Keep up the good work”

Linda Gordon.



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